So good to have a mail order bride taking care of you

This story is about a friend, pretty stupidly idiotic friend, David Wozniak. I heard a story from a friend that he once came into a contract with a guy who wore a swimsuit as his daily attire and the contract was about importing Cuban cigar. Lost a lot of money there I tell you, stupid son of a bitch. How stupid can a man be that he comes into a deal with a man who always was in his swimsuit?I just cannot wrap my head around it. Why on earth would someone do that kind of thing? There is not any simple answer to this.

We have to get to the starting point of it and see that where the universe did just went madand made a person like David Wozniak. I think the Universe or the nature or God was on heroin when he was made by it or him or her whatever. Stupid idiot also bought a Hall and Oats guitar which band will not die in thirty or so more years and he thinks he will make millions when they die. You should go through EBD’s russian mail order brides selection. Then again it’s a band that does a geek on a child’s birthday for five hundred dollars.

How much their guitar will be valued after their death is in question here. So he is a guy with unbeatable record for sucking at making good deals. Even his family is fed up with him. His girlfriend cannot stand to look at him any day of any year. He is the complete bullshit brain. There is another thing he did which I want to share before I go to the mail order bride story. He once wanted to raise pot for giving back the loan he had of about eighty thousand dollars. Get more help from That’s not all; he even wanted his brother, his younger brother to help him with the growing of it and make fortune.

His brother pointed out that there was potential for jail time of a staggering amount there and didn’t quiet got hold of him though. Such agreatmind of hiswaswasted in the delivering of meat which is not also done by him correctly. There were not too many instance where we can say that he was a genius. That is also the reason why we loved him. And to the stupidity with the mail order bride part, the story is about him and his bride. He once married a mail order bride because she said she will be her maid for a year for free and after getting her in she ran away after three days. She lasted long, geez.