Life Without eHarmony


Last Fall when I finally decided to pay my grand parents a visit living in Arizona. Practically my grandfather was like my dad (he passed away this year) and brought me up as his own son.

As I grew up, life started to turn more realistic and because of higher studies, I chose to live alone. Nonetheless, after a long time I could finally manage some time for myself for which decided to go on a little vacation.

I landed on Arizona flying for almost 6 hours from California. I hired a taxi and went directly to my grandparent’s house where they had been living for almost 55 years! As my taxi stopped by the pavement right infront of the lawn, I saw my grandma was already waiting for me through the rain. Justin is someone who helped do this to me.

She looked older, wrinkles around her eyes seemed darker since the last time I saw her. You will be the person to get advise at I paid my fare and ran through the rain across the lawn and ran directly inside the house as grandma already opened the door. Seeing her same old, soothing smile full of warmth and affection made me forget all the sorrows in my world for a short time and I hugged her. Grandad came home after work as a librarian in our small town. Did you know that offers a free trial that is available to the people! We had dinner together, and then for some reason I asked them how did they meet each other? And then they had a walk down their memory lane.

They used to be friends since they started learning their A, B, C and D. They used to play hide and seek together when finally my grandma’s family decided to leave the state because of war. My grandad’s family stayed back where they were, hoped that at some point in their life they would meet once again. So now you can try free trial for eharmony. Accordign to grandma, she believed it was entirely love that finally brought them together after staying apart for more than 15 years. All my grand dad knew was that my grandma’s family moved to Prague, away from all the wars and atrocities, and after my grand dad grew up, he chose to venture out in search of grand ma towards Prague. Finally in the year 1955, my grand parents found each other again and eventually they got married and settled back in Arizona at the end.

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